Our Flip Top Straw Lid is the perfect combination to your sumarka stainless steel bottle. No need to twist the top off and tilt the bottle back for a drink. Flip Top Straw Lids are the answer to active drinkers. The addition of the ‘loop’ on the lid allows you the ability to carry your bottle with one finger or to clip it to a backpack, belt, what ever makes sense. The rubber tip makes it the perfect solution for drinkers who need a drink during activities.

Flip Top Straw Lid Summary:

  • Includes (1) Flip Top Straw Lid and (1) Straw
  • Compatible with wide mouth bottles
  • Convenient finger loop for easy carrying
  • Rubber tip for comfortable sipping when active
  • Durable, long straw for faster flow
  • BPA-Free
  • Lid can leak if they are not closed properly